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All the basics of stick shift driving and important safety tips, techniques and details will be thoroughly illustrated.

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We provide the car and will cover all the driving aspects that pertain specifically to you. You'll have tailor-made lessons to fit your needs as well.

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With more than 13 years of stick shift driving experience and teaching since 2008, you'll be sure to have an experienced teacher by your side.

Recent Testimonials

Genesis Z.
September 29, 2013

As seen on Yelp: I just got a stick car from my family as I left for college. I watched all the YouTube ....

Michael D.
September 08, 2013

If you want to learn how to drive stick the right way, this is exactly what you need. I've been driving ....

David L.
March 30, 2012

Nima is fantastic.  Found Stick Shift Driving Lessons online, great reviews, and for good reason. &nbs ....


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     Excellent!! Couldn’t be happier, learned all I needed                                  

     in just a few affordable lessons

     Brandon V. 

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